Harvest Time

Hello again! Now that I have my own blog and a birds-eye view (get it?!) of everything going on at Defiance Ridge, I'll be sharing what I see and hear with you!


Wow... I already have some scoop for you! I just got word that we're going to be harvesting our Vignoles grapes on Monday, August 20th and you're invited to join in!! I think you'll have a lot of fun being a part of our first Harvest Boot Camp (it's not as hard as it sounds!) Check out our website for more details on what it's all about. 


You'll also be working alongside one of my favorite people, Tom "Murph" Murphy. Not only is he our vineyard manager and winemaker, he feeds me everyday! Needless to say, we've become fast friends. You may not know it, but, I'm highly intelligent and remember who has been kind to me (or not!) When I see him coming towards the lake with my gourmet meal of mixed grains, I know I'm also going to get some first-hand vineyard news.


Wish I could join you in the vineyard for our first harvest but at least I can report about all the fun I missed from my very reliable source!

An Introduction

TRFAP_Birds_Swan_DefianceRidge (15).JPG

Hello from the lake at Defiance Ridge! I've been waiting to introduce myself and tell you my story for a while now, so here it goes. My name is Heath and I'm a very handsome swan (if I do say so myself!) I'm about 17 years old and live on the beautiful grounds of Defiance Ridge Vineyards. My actual home is on the tranquil lake, where I enjoy gracefully paddling around while admiring my lovely surroundings. Occasionally, I'll come out on the banks but for the most part I'm content gliding around the lake. I had a partner named Heather a few years ago but I think a naughty fox snatched her from me. Even though I miss her, I really don't want another partner because we swans mate for life. Speaking of a swan's life, we can live for 30 years, which really surprises a lot of people (including my new owners!) They were worried about me being lonely, but soon discovered that I'm happier being the only swan. However, I don't mind sharing the lake with some of my duck friends, who I happen to be closely related to. I'm also related to Canada geese, but they're very messy and noisy and they really know how to "ruffle my feathers" (all 25,000 of them!) So when they try to visit I discourage them by putting up a fuss and flapping my wings. I'm normally well behaved and friendly though, so there's no reason to fear me (cygnophobia is the fear of swans) since my defensive behavior is mostly show and bluster.

My owners are very proud of me and consider me to be their mascot. I've heard rumors that there are a lot of winery dogs but I think I'm one of very few winery swans. I hope you'll come visit me and I'll show you how magnificent I am!